Wildly Different Spirits

Beaver Likker Moonshine

A Northern California regional moonshine made from Calrose rice and rice malt. Double distilled in a pot still to create a smooth and complex spirit that’s great for cocktails or just sipping neat. This is a gluten-free spirit.

Bībā Soju- California Style

We now offer a hand-made, double pot distilled Soju that captures the exotic flavors of Calrose rice that add a California twist on one of the most popular spirits in the world. Discover Bībā Soju California Style. 

Butte Creek Bourbon Whiskey

90 proof Bourbon Whiskey serves as a tribute to the Sacramento River’s Spring Chinook Salmon. This traditional mash bourbon whiskey is enjoyed straight or from your favorite cocktail.

Chico Creek Rye Whiskey

90 proof Rye Whiskey that makes you forget what you think you know about whiskies. This is Rye and Rye is held to a higher standard from its barrel aging & its specific ingredients to its precise level of charring. Our Rye whiskey catches the experience of a warm Spring day of fly fishing on the Big Chico Creek.

Feather River Gin

Gin with citrus attributed to the lemongrass and oranges in our recipe. We include three types of peppercorns to add a hint of spiciness, while our juniper and coriander form the backbone of this gin.

High Lakes Vodka

Sandwiched between the eastern border of Butte County and the North Fork of the Feather River are two dozen small lakes that reside at 5,500 feet, providing water and habitat to a wide variety of birds and animals. 

We try to capture the refreshing feeling of an early summer swim in one of these glacier-formed lakes with our High Lakes Vodka.

Honey Run Honey-Flavored Whiskey

This American craft whiskey starts as a straight bourbon with a 21% Rye mashbill. We then add all-natural, raw Northern California Wildflower honey from the Chico Honey Company to give a hint of sweetness. Enjoy neat, straight on ice, or in your favorite cocktail.

Pacific Fly Way Bourbon Whiskey

This bourbon whiskey, made from a corn, rice, rye and barley mash, celebrates the Pacific Flyway and the habitat our Northern California wetlands provide. Enjoy this small batch bottling, it’s only comes once a year like the Pacific Flyway migration.

Pacific Fly Way Whiskey

90 proof Whiskey named after the Pacific Flyway that stretches from Alaska to Mexico, the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Coast including the wetlands of both North & Central Valley’s of California. This Whiskey is formed from 100% Calrose rice & rice malt aged in new American oak & used bourbon barrels. 

Richardson Springs Grappa

Grappa is a unique distilled spirit made by distilling the pomace (a blend of crushed grapes, seeds, stalks, and stems) leftover from the wine-making process.

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Pacific. fly way whiskey

"Simply Fantastic!

Kevin Rose

The Bourbon Turntable

Honey run whiskey

"Phenomenal. Really enjoyed the balance and complexity.."

Jeremy Schell

The Bourbon Show

Beaver Likker Moonshine

"Light and sweet nose, no burn in the mouth, surprisingly great for moonshine, which is not my typical go-to, might need to reconsider!

ASCoT Tasting Note

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